March For Babies

Every parent hopes for healthy babies and an easy pregnancy. We all know that isn’t always how it works out though. However, in 2016 the Rejuvenation Spa family felt that impact on a very personal level when one of the strongest, sweetest, most put together women we know was caught off guard. Kaitlyn, pregnant with twin girls unexpectedly went into labor just 24 weeks and 0 days into her pregnancy.

On January 28th 2016, Kaitlyn and her husband made it to the hospital at 8:00 in the morning and it was confirmed that she was 3 cm dilated. She was given steroids to help the girls lung development and magnesium to help slow Kaitlyn’s labor down. Their hope was to make her labor slow for at least 6 hours. Kaitlyn held out for 11 1/2 hours after the shots were given and at 8:30 that night she and her husband welcomed Harper and Brynn into the world, weighing only 1 lb 6 oz each.

As the weeks went by the girls were passing milestones and growing stronger every day. Harper and Brynn were in the NICU at SSM health for 101 and 106 days and finally were able to go home without oxygen or any other needs other than to stay on a high calorie formula.

Though it is always something people are aware of, premature care and treatment is now a cause the Rejuvenation Spa family holds close to our hearts and we hope to share that with you.

So during the month of March, Rejuvenation Spa will be selling purple ribbons at the front desk to support Wisconsin NICU Parents and Kaitlyn and Matt in the March for Babies event on May 09, 2020.