Aveda Earth Month 2024

In a world where many of us take clean water for granted, it’s sobering to realize that 703 million people lack access to this basic necessity. Yet, there is hope. Through initiatives like Aveda’s Earth Month campaign in partnership with charity: water, we have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. By supporting this campaign, we’re not just contributing funds; we’re enabling the construction of vital water projects like drilled wells, spring protections, and tankas in key sourcing countries like India, Nepal, Madagascar, and Ethiopia.

The Journey of Your Donation

You’ve heard them say it before and you’ll hear them say it again: 100% of your donation funds clean water projects.  but what does that actually mean? We’re so glad you asked. Watch this video to see how your donation turns into water, sanitation, and hygiene resources that transform entire communities and impact thousands more.



The Power of Every Drop

The impact of these projects extends far beyond quenching thirst. Clean water transforms lives, revitalizes communities, and shapes the world we live in. It means children can attend school regularly, women can pursue entrepreneurial opportunities, and overall health and well-being improve. But it doesn’t stop there. Access to clean water is a catalyst for sustainable development, fostering stability, reducing poverty, and promoting social justice on a global scale.



The Power of One Night

As consumers, we hold the power to drive change. By supporting brands like Aveda and partnering with organizations like charity: water, we amplify our impact. In honor of Earth Month, our best-selling botanical repair strengthening overnight serum comes in limited edition packaging featuring art created by Láolú Senbanjo. Senbanjo’s artwork symbolizes Aveda’s mission of care for people and planet, as well as the impact of your support: $20 of every purchase* of limited-edition botanical repair strengthening overnight serum up to $600,000 USD will be donated to charity: water to directly help fund clean water projects. Available from 3/24/24 through 9/30/24 or until supplies last.



Jeans for a Cause

See your stylist wearing jeans? That’s because they’re making a difference! Every time they sport denim during their shift, they’ll be donating $5 to our Earth Month partner: charity: water. It’s a small gesture with a big impact, as these contributions add up to support clean water projects in communities around the world. Together with Aveda and charity: water, we’re not only transforming lives but also shaping a future where every drop counts. So next time you see your stylist rocking those jeans, know that they’re not just making a fashion statement—they’re making a difference in the lives of others.



We encourage YOU to make a difference by:

    • PURCHASE a limited-edition botanical repair strengthening overnight serum and Aveda will donate $20 of every purchase to charity: water. *


    • REJUVENATION SPA team members will be participating in Jeans for a Cause, donating $5 every time they wear jeans during their shift for the entire month of April.


    • AVEDA PLUS REWARDS members: Turn Aveda Plus Rewards points into donations that give the one thing that can change everything: access to clean, safe drinking water.

Aveda+ Rewards: Unlock the Power of Your Points!

    • With Aveda’s exclusive redemption option, you can now contribute to charity: water and bring clean, life-saving drinking water to communities in need around the world. By redeeming Aveda+ reward points, your donation can provide clean water.  Join us in this incredible mission and turn your points into a force for good today! Together, we can make waves of positive change!


        • Donate at Tier 4: 5,000 points = charity: water $20 donation = clean water for 6 people
        • Donate at Tier 5: 10,000 points = charity: water $40 donation = clean water for 12 people
        • Donate at Tier 6: 15,000 points = charity: water $60 donation = clean water for 18 people
        • Donate at Tier 6: 20,000 points = charity: water $80 donation = clean water for 24 people