Rejuvenation Spa Aveda Massage Therapist and Esthetician Michael, Sun Prairie, Madison, Wisconsin

Michael: Level 5 Massage Therapist & Level 2 Esthetician


Education Massage: The Healing Touch School of Massage Therapy


Education Esthetics: Academy of Beauty Professionals Esthetics Program


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Esthetic Services                  Massage Services

Service Price Service Price
30-min. Facial $66.50 30-min. Massage $86.50
60-min. Facial $96.50 45-min. Massage $96.50
90-min. Facial $111.50 60-min. Massage $111.50
Eyebrow Wax $26 90-min. Massage $156.50
Lip Wax $23 Reflexology Massage $111.50
Eyebrow & Lip Wax $39 Stone Fusion Massage $136.50
Full Face Wax $56+

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