Rejuvenation Spa’s latest facial experience – the OWAY Autumn/Winter Facial

Oway Autumn/Winter Facial


Step into a world of rejuvenation with Rejuvenation Spa’s latest facial experience – the OWAY Autumn/Winter Facial. As the cold season unfolds, nature subjects our skin to a challenging environment, navigating through cold temperatures and unpredictable weather. This specialized facial is designed to be your skin’s companion during the fall and winter months, offering a shield against the elements and facilitating a seamless transition into the changing seasons.

This unique facial treatment is carefully crafted to purify your face, providing a deep cleanse that clears congestion and nourishes your skin. Say goodbye to the impact of harsh weather as the OWAY Autumn/Winter Facial works its magic, imparting elasticity to your skin and initiating a detox process that enhances microcirculation.

Elevate your skincare routine further by taking home the exceptional products used during your facial and continue to nurture your skin in the comfort of your own space. After experiencing the rejuvenating OWAY Facial, Kuhl Facial, Hydrafacial, or any other 60 or 90-minute facial, guests can enjoy a 20% discount on facial products. *

VIP members can enjoy a 30% discount on facial products*

Indulge in a pampering session that not only protects your skin from the seasonal elements but also welcomes the shift in weather with grace. At Rejuvenation Spa, we believe that your skin deserves the utmost care, especially during the colder months. Embrace the transformative power of the OWAY Autumn/Winter Facial and let your skin glow with vitality all season long.

*Valid with any Oway, Kuhl, Hydrafacial,  60 or 90-minute facial. Discount available after any 60 or 90-minute facial received in the month of February. Discount is valid on skin care purchased the same day you receive the facial and is not valid with past purchases. VIP members get a 30% discount, everyone else gets a 20% discount. Expires 2/29/2024.