Introducing Color Control. Your plant-powered Color Keeper. 100% Vegan

New Color Control Shampoo and Conditioner.

Color protection up to eight weeks. *94% naturally derived. Cruelty-free. Silicone-free. Free of sulfate cleansers.


After five years of research, Aveda developed a new, plant-powered technology that fundamentally changes the way we care for colored hair.

Ingredients and Technology

  • Botanical Cleansers: Innovative, botanical cleansing system with a precise calibration of plant-based cleansing actives for lasting, radiant color wash after wash.
  • Neutralizing Power: Naturally derived “magnets” instantly neutralize color-dulling particles to help protect hair when you wash.
  • Dual-Charged Molecules: Create a light, protective shield to keep water from penetrating into the air, minimizing color wash-out.
  • Apricot and Biofermented Actives: Nourish, smooth and seal the cuticle, helping lock in beautiful color with radiant shine.



The Color Control Aroma features a fresh, fruity-floral, woody aroma with bright, herbal facets, including osmanthus, certified organic orange, cypress and cedarwood. The aroma was created to be as colorful as the product, giving you a burst of aromatic vibrancy with each use.

*Eight weeks translates to washing hair three times per week, which is 24 washes.