How lazy is your yoga?

Do you like yoga? How about massage? Then maybe you’d like to give Thai (Yoga) massage a try. Even if you don’t like yoga or traditional massage, you might still consider Thai massage because like the common phrase in Thailand, Thai massage is, “same, same, but different.”

But different how? First, its a fully clothed massage. You can either wear your own loose fitted clothing or yoga outfit, or wear the clothing provided by the spa attendant when you first arrive for your massage. Second, for this style of massage you lay on top of a futon mat on the floor. Third, your massage therapist will use both hands and feet to apply pressure and stretch to your muscles. Here’s what it looks like:


There’s a reason why it is sometimes referred to as, “Lazy (wo)Man’s Yoga.” You will be pressed, folded and stretched. All you have to do is lay there and breathe.. But even though your body will go through many movements during the massage, it is still relaxing. It’s so relaxing, that many people have fallen asleep during a Thai massage.

If you’re ever in Thailand, we highly recommend getting a lot of Thai massage. It’s cheap, it’s good and it’s everywhere.  But if you don’t have plans to travel halfway around the world anytime soon, then you can still get the Thai Massage experience at Rejuvenation Spa. Christina was trained in Thailand by native Thai practitioners.

You don’t have to be athletic or extremely flexible to enjoy Thai massage either. Thai massage is for everyone.