Update on Jeanna's Daughter

We would like to say "Thank you" to everyone for the tremendous outpouring of love and support for Jeanna and her family during this time.  

12/16/2016  Update: We are happy to announce that they have found a bone marrow match for Lucille and they will be able to stay in the Madison area for the surgery.  This means that Jeanna will be taking a leave of absence 12/17/16 - through the end of January 2017 to be with her family.  If you have an appointment scheduled during this time, you will receive a call from a member of the Rejuvenation Spa team. If you have questions, please contact Rejuvenation Spa at 608.831.7546.

1/11/2017 Update: Lucille's transplant was pushed back due to a bad round of flu over the holidays. She has an appt. today to make sure the virus has cleared her system. If it has, she will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow afternoon and begin chemotherapy, which will last about 8 days. If that goes well, she will receive her bone marrow transplant immediately after and spend 4-6 weeks recovering in the hospital. After that, she will come home where she will spend the next 6-9 months. during this time, she will not be able to receive visitors and Jeanna will stay at home to care for her during her recovery. We would like to say Thank You again to everyone who has donated to our family during this ordeal! 

1/13/2017 Update : Lucille will now be receiving a cord blood transplant due to donor complications. This is safer in some aspects but will take a week or so longer to leave the hospital. She has cleared her flu tests and will be admitted next Wednesday, (1/18/2017) if nothing else happens.

 1/18/2017 Update:  Today the Hardyman Family starts their treatment journey. Even with two amazing parents, and energetic little brother, and a beautiful brave little girl, they will still need our support, prayers and hearts.

 1/27/2017 Update:  Lucille is finished with her chemo and will receive her stem cell transplant within the hour. She is still eating, but feeling ill frequently. She will feel worse over the next few weeks before she feels better, but she has been very strong and positive.

1/27/2017 Additional Update: Lucille's transplant is complete and she slept through half of it. There have been no reactions and all of her vitals are where they need to be. Lucille will now be monitored for signs of engraftment. Engraftment is when the new blood-forming cells start to grow and make healthy blood stem cells that show up in your blood. Engraftment is an important milestone in her transplant recovery.
Read more about engraftment here.

Since Lucille received cord blood, she may need more time to engraft. She will have daily blood samples taken until she is able to produce the desired amount of cells for 3-4 consecutive days.  It will most likely be 6-8 weeks before she can go home.
Read more about the recovery process after engraftment here.

2/6/2017 Update: Update: Day +10 and Lucille is feeling the full effects that accompany chemotherapy and stem cell transplantion. She has spent the last several days sleeping most of the time, which is saving her from feeling a large portion of the physical pain that she is in.
She has now lost almost all her hair and has a feeding tube in her nose to ensure her calorie intake is sufficient. Jeanna is keeping constant watch over her and the bond between a mother and daughter has never been stronger.


3/18/17 Update: Lucille was able to come home from the childrens hospital 12 days ago. She was very weak, tired and sore. She has made significant progress in both her strength and energy since that day. We have been in twice for follow up appointments and she is steadily improving from a transplant standpoint.

While it will take an estimated 6 months for the transplant to have any effect on slowing the progression of her disease, we are settling for the improvement in her health and well-being at this point.


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