Massage Therapists

Rejuvenation Spa Massage Therapist Christina   Level 5  Massage Therapist
  (Thai Massage Certified)

  Education: MATC School of Massage, Thai Massage School of
  Chiang Mai, Thailand

  My favorite Aveda Product: Caribbean Therapy body products

  I am in this industry because: I focus on making people feel
  the best that they can.


Rejuvenation Spa Massage Therapist Caroline   Level 4 Massage Therapist
  (Certified Cupping Therapist)

  Education:  MATC School of Massage, Swedish Massage,
  Deep Tissue Massage and Lymphatic Massage training.

  My favorite Aveda products:  Aveda Candles

  I am in this industry because:  Working with a variety of clients
  to meet their unique needs is the most enriching aspect of my


Rejuvenation Spa Massage Therapist Michael

  Level 2  Massage Therapist

  Education: The Healing Touch School of Massage Therapy

  My favorite Aveda Product: Beautifying Oil

  I am in this industry because: I believe in the healing benefits
  of massage therapy and think that people need their health to
  live a happy and inspired life.