Rejuvenation Spa Esthetician Sabrina  Level 2 Esthetician

  Education: VICI Aveda Institute, Madison

  My favorite Aveda products: 
Outer Peace Acne Relief 
  Exfoliating Pads and Volumizing Tonic

  I am in this industry because: A lot of reasons. I love seeing
  the healing growth and education that happens in the treatment
  room. I also love meeting so many diverse people.


Rejuvenation Spa Esthetician Mandi  Level 2 Esthetician, Extreme Lashes Eyelash Extension


  My favorite Aveda products:  

  I am in this industry because:



Rejuvenation Spa Esthetician Tenzin  Level 2 Esthetician

  Education: Madison Cosmetology College, Beauty Institute of
  Delhi India

  My favorite Aveda products: 
I can't pick one, I literally love
  everything.  The Tourmaline Skin Refiner and Botanical Kinetics
  Cream Cleanser are my current top picks right now.

   I am in this industry because: I went to school for hair, but fell in love with the spa world, specifically skin care and makeup . I love to educate guests on proper skin care and help to personalize their skin care regime. 

Rejuvenation Spa Esthetician Arleta

  Level 1 Esthetician, Lash Extension Specialist

  Education: Aveda Institute Madison

  My favorite Aveda products:

  I am in this industry because:






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